Water Spot Removal

Some call it hard water deposits removal or glass restoration. Most window cleaners use acids to remove the hard water spots but this damages the windows. Our process although more lengthy removes much more of the marks and is not damaging to the windows or wildlife.



  • Safe for the windows
  • Removes more of the water spots.
  • Helps prevent future water spots.


Why do window cleaners use acid to remove hard water spots if it is dangerous? Well, half of the window cleaners do not know that they are damaging the windows because the damage is not immediately visible. The other half know that it is damaging but still use the acid because they can charge the same amount but it takes less than a 10th of the amount of time.

We however, keep the interest of the customers first even if it means more work for us. That is why we use a safe but lengthy hard water sport removal process.

The acid hard water spot removal process involves spraying on the acid to the effected area, waiting a few minutes, then wiping off the acid.

Our Acid free hard water sport removal involves spraying the window with purified water, then gently buffing a fine rubbing compound on the window, effectively polishing out the water spots. This polishing of the glass creates a smooth layer that repels future hard water spots.