Solar Panel Cleaning

How do we clean solar panels?

For residential rooftop systems we use a soft bristle brush and a slow stream of purified water. Natures cleaning power of super purified water combined with some good old-fashioned elbow grease provide the following advantages:

SolarPanelCleaningYorbaLinda.jpgThe solar panels stay clean for up to 10 times longer - Our super purified water contains no chemicals or detergents. No sticky detergents are left on the solar panels so there is nothing for the dust to stick too.

Solar panels will be cleaner - Super purified water has a strong desire to return to its impure state so it sucks the dirt off the solar panels. We do not use a squeegee which would risk scratching the panels. By using this purified water it is impossible to leave streaks on the solar panels because no chemicals or detergents are used.

Safer - We do not touch or lean on the solar panels because we are able to clean solar panels with our long telescopic poles. You also do not need to worry about chemicals breaking down the solar panels seals with repeated use.

Environmentally friendly - Solar panels are very environmentally friendly. We are also concerned about the environment. That is why we use pure water, eliminating the need for detergents or chemicals.

Lengthens lifespan of the solar panels - Chemicals and detergents shorten the lifespan of rubber seals and fog the glass. Pure water washes away damaging chemicals, pollutants, and dirt to leave nothing that can shorten the lifespan of the solar panels.

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