Some of our other commercial services are pressure washing, oil stain removal, and graffiti removal.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing your place of business will vastly improve the curb appeal of your business. Our steam cleaning system removes oil, chewing gum, and dirt.

Our steam pressure washer will remove chewing gum and dirt by melting it off. Why is this good? Trying to remove chewing gum and oil with low or no heat will not work unless you use high pressure. This high pressure will cut into the concrete leaving marks that can not be removed. When we use our high heat and our surface cleaner you will see the incredable results.

Graffiti removal

Please see our graffiti removal page here for a description of our services.

Oil Stain Removal

Oil stain removal is something that can result in fines if not done correctly. If any water that is used for cleaning goes down the drain, you could be heavly fined. That is why we use oil eating bacteria to safl remove the oil spots from gas stations, car parks and grage floors.